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From Our CEO

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to evolve, our country is working each day to get our economy moving forward. Superior Concrete Products has implemented the CDC recommendations, as these recommendations continue to evolve and change daily, weekly, and monthly. With our Human Resources Department now in place it has provided the employees the support needed, as well as management navigate through this difficult time. Superior feels thankful that we have been able to continue operations on all fronts. Sales, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and accounting services. Including repairs and other customer support. Superior continues to be dedicated and devoted in providing a quality product and service to our customers. Furthermore, we have recently hired a full-time safety coordinator in effort to assure the safety of our employees, including the jobsites we operate at for our customers. Safety at Superior is a top priority. Taking this step in bringing more awareness to safety will only help make us be a safer and stronger company. Our products are still being manufactured on time and we have not missed our schedules and commitments. As the Texas hot summer has arrived, we have seen an uptick in our estimating activity that will most definitely lead to more business in the coming months.

Our Promise to You

As SCP has just closed its fiscal year – It was a great one. And with the continuing rise in business being generated by our sales, engineering and design folks, our new year to come will be another great year, despite the social and health climate we are currently experiencing. With the guidance and protocol that has been put in place and with dedicated support of our project managers, foreman and construction coordinator, our install teams have been fortunate to be able to continue to do what they do best. We kicked off our new year with an exciting project to execute for a substation in the Pacific Northwest. This one will be a show case for us as it is in a beautiful mountain setting. Look forward to sharing the pictures once we get completed. Everyone be safe, healthy and wise.

A Message From Our Plant Manager

With the current pandemic situation going on around the world, the Manufacturing Department has been strictly following the CDC guidelines and making sure everybody working in the factory is safe and secure. This outbreak has not stopped us from manufacturing the products for the customers and delivering them just in time. With the increase in Sales demand year over year, be it Recon or Precast Concrete fence, the Manufacturing team has always been and will be ready to take more orders while making sure the demands are met on time without the quality being compromised. The factory has undergone a lot of improvements over the last few years thanks to our CEO for investing the time and money to bring the factory to the standards where it is now. Apart from Safety, Continuous Improvements is one of our other focus here in the factory. We have added new equipment for the factory: The MB crusher is a machine that crushes all our scrap concrete products and uses those crushed products as base materials in the factory. We have also added on to the factory and are continuously upgrading the facility. We have had a focus on upgrading our electrical infrastructure and adding on to our facilities such as adding a new shop for the Urethane department. We are also in the process of introducing a new product to our product family. This new product will look like a stone wall but will provide better ballistic protection to the customer while providing a very aesthetically pleasing design that truly looks like real stone. These molds are under R&D and will soon be implemented for mass production. At SCP we are focused on delivering one thing to the customer and that is “Satisfaction Guaranteed” through stringent quality controls procedures and superior customer service.

A New Year

Sales for Superior Concrete Products have been on par with expectations given the social and health climate the first part of the year. With a continuing rise in business year over year, we have taken the necessary precautions as to not have a bottleneck within the sales department. With an increased number of estimators and selling civil engineers, we are positioned to take on all that is coming our way. We are very excited to announce our newest product line. This new product will give us the ability to provide our customers with a thicker and more robust product. The size of the new product will provide much more ballistic and crash capability that many of our customers would benefit from. We are working on our first installation that will allow us once again to showcase the beauty and strength of Superior. We are looking forward to what the second half of the year has in store for us and the Superior Concrete Products’ sales team is ready for all new challenges.

Adapting Quickly

The Engineering Department has been able to quickly adapt to the challenges that this pandemic has brought to the construction industry. Remote work has been key to keep up with the rising demand of our customers, and to maintain a constant communication with our installation crews. When necessary, in- person inspections have been provided while upholding to the safety and health regulations of each specific job site. Our engineering staff is committed to provide a steady progress on all our current and future jobs during these uncertain times.

Maintaining Safety

SCP has been able to adapt with the current climate and able to maintain a steady workforce. We have implemented policies and procedures to maintain a safe work environment, so not only our employees stay safe, but to thrive. We just hired a full time Safety Coordinator to ensure workplace safety not only in the place, but also at all installation sites as well. We will continue to invest in our employees in developing their growth within the company. We will start implement training programs to develop our employees’ growth.

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