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From Our CEO

As we spring forward in 2021, we see how the times have changed since 2020. It is the second year of a new decade and our company is thankful that we can continue manufacturing and installing products during the worst pandemic of our lifetime. We are focused on satisfying customers and meeting our obligations. It has been a time where Superior has pulled out all the stops to get accomplished what our customers needed. Superior operates a unique business model; we are not limited to manufacturing. We provide the sales, engineering, manufacturing, and installation to meet our project requirements. This allows us to stay on track. The monitoring of our customers project schedules and requirements continues to be an area we strive hard to address, so we don’t let our customers down. Reaching out to customers is imperative to assure our customers that Superior will do what we say we will do. We value the relationships we have with our all our customers. We strive to be professional by providing on time delivery of the quality products and services they need. As a result, we continue to see a high level of repeat business and strong referrals that keeps us on our toes.

From Our Vice President of Operations

Our upcoming operations will be ramping up in the coming months in order to meet our customer scheduling expectations, as well as SCP goals for the fiscal year end. SCP has successfully been meeting our customer’s needs. As requirements and the technology of our projects continue to change, SCP also strives o keep up this pace. One recent improvement is that our construction management team has introduced and implemented a project management program. It is still in the design stage and it will better fit our specific service niche. To date, it has proven to be an excellent tool for the intricate moving parts involved in executing our installations; such as permitting, inspections, delivery of equipment, materials, daily logs and documentation for completed, customer accepted, final projects. This is an aggressive solution from our construction management team, in keeping up with the times, allowing them to stand out.

From Our Vice President of Business Development

We are continuing to offer lunch and learns and presentations, along with outreach to our customers. Our marketing, business development, relationship building and the website’s partnership with Concora has allowed us to advertise our products to the customers a lot more efficiently resulting in better leads. Customer loyalty begins with developing good products plus delivering in sound installations. We provide our customers with a turnkey solution; engineering, manufacturing, installation and warranty. Our customers are loyal to us because we provide that to them. We try to make every job we do for them as easy as possible. We reduce their workload and keep them coming back, which is the main priority. Once the Covid-19 restrictions ease up a bit, we will be holding more gatherings and mixers for our clients. Fostering relationships is a good way foster customer loyalty. There is always room for improvement across the board, by improving our efficiency, installations, scheduling and manufacturing. All of this helps with sales and retaining business from customers. Everything is going smooth, and business is picking up. I would further improve the efficiency of our department by improving the time frame for getting bids out in advance of deadlines.

From Our Director of Construction

In order to keep our installations on schedule, it is imperative to carefully plan our overall daily schedules. Since this is construction, the dynamics can change frequently. Weather would play a factor in regard to dynamic change. Depending on how many employees we have on the job, the project routine is either slower or faster. In order to get more growth, we need to have more installation crews. We have thankfully been getting more installers on board and hiring has been good for the past three months. There is always a bump in the road in this ever-changing business. Fortunately, we are usually prepared. At the end of the day, we have to get our jobs in the ground with our crews and manage them efficiently. As a result, our customers are satisfied. We focus on keeping our customers happy. Repeat customers are incredibly valuable. So we keep striving for a smooth turnkey process.

From Our Safety Manager

Superior Concrete Products values the lives and safety of its employees as well as those who share the construction site with us. To rise to this challenge the company’s installation teams have instituted an umbrella of safety measures to keep all affected personnel safe and sound. To meet this goal, all installation crew members are certified as OSHA 10 card holders and crew foreman are certified as OSHA 30 card holders. Operators are certified for the equipment that they use. Standard PPE is used as required per construction site directives. Jobsite safety toolbox meetings are conducted. Tarps are used for spill containment when fueling vehicles or equipment and CDC Covid-19 protocols are in place. The company will continue to review, educate, and implement any measures deemed appropriate to keep Safety First.

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