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From Our CEO

The summer is behind us, it has been another hot Summer in Texas, with some record- breaking temperatures. Superior finished our fiscal year end up from the prior year. In fact, it was a record year. As we roll into 2020-2021, we are off to a great start. Sales has knocked it out of the ballpark in the first quarter of June, July & August. Way to go! We believe that we can build on our experience and relationships to even higher, and farther. I want to compliment all of the managers for working as a team to assist me in guiding the company to overcoming obstacles especially with Covid-19. We pulled together and reached deep down to find the strength and determination that was required to assure that Superior continues in the right path. Like our CFO, Bob Lehrberger indicated recently, if we take 3 steps forward, even if we take one step back, we are still moving forward. It takes a lot of time and dedication for each manager to motivate and implement new procedures with their staffs. It takes each team’s effort, plus improved communication between all the departments that I truly believe describes how we achieve success in more than one way. We have great products, a great service, and most of all great employees, that are all working extremely hard with the ambition and drive to make Superior successful. With greatness comes improvement. Even though I am proud to say these great things, we must remember to maintain and sustain greatness, to improve, and improve we must! As the leaders of our industry, remember 3 important points, I like to share that are somewhat a mindset; (1) Learn, (2) make an impact, (3) have fun. It is an election year, as well as one with a pandemic with Covid-19 year, giving us all pause to rethink how we go about our daily lives with Family, and work, & friends. Through such an un-precented time Superior has been blessed and has been a shining star in 2020. At this point in time, it appears we will be able to have our annual Holiday party at Joe T Garcia’s. It is always nice to acknowledge the great employees at Superior, whether they are new or have been with us for many years. It’s the family culture that we all need now more than ever. For us to hit our goals and targets we need each and every one to continue working together in a harmonious fashion. Remember we will all make mistakes, let’s make sure we aren’t making the same mistake twice. If we learn from our mistakes and can improve individually, within our teams, and work together in a positive and productive environment, Superior will continue to be a successful company.

Our Response to Covid-19

As news of the Covid-19 pandemic came to the forefront, the company, which was classified as an essential business, took the following steps to ensure the safety of its employees while continuing business operations: 3-13-20; A factory wide safety meeting was conducted by the safety manager and human resources manager to educate the employees about the virus and the recommended protocols to safeguard their health. Information packets were provided to all employees for them and their families, with guidelines obtained from OSHA and the CDC. 3-23-20; The company initiated a daily Covid-19 screening with a questionnaire and temperature check for all personnel entering the plant, along with a face covering mandate. During the months of March, April, and May non-essential employees worked from home as mandated by the governor of Texas. In late June after several community exposures, the company implemented the CDC recommended contact and quarantine protocols. In the month of July, as the Covid-19 virus began to increase in rural communities, the company decided it was best for the safety of its employees, to begin onsite Covid-19 testing of all plant employees through the Integrity Care Clinic. Testing was done on 7-20-20 and 8-3-20. On 8-7-20 the plant employees were given another safety meeting to reinforce Covid-19 training and protocols. The company is moving forward with due diligence on the protocols currently in place, protecting both employees and customers.

Superior Cut Stone

Superior Cut Stone is our latest product here at Superior Concrete Products. It is strong, reliable, and aesthetically bold. The texture and feel of this product are unique and rough-hewn. It also has more strength than most of our other textures. Aesthetics are important, but security and quality are what we at Superior Concrete Products always reach for. Making good neighbors is our main goal. Making sure our customers are satisfied and safe is our priority. We are entering our 35th anniversary here at the company, and Superior Cut Stone is definitely the icing on the cake. Our endeavors have led us to promoting this fine product. All of our products here at Superior are distinctive, so why should Superior Cut Stone be any different? That is why our company has been a leader in designing, manufacturing, engineering and installing high-quality precast concrete fencing, barriers and retaining wall systems for the past 35 years. Superior Cut Stone fences are more cost effective than conventional masonry-built fence designs. Superior Cut Stone has been designed over the past three years as a heavy-duty fence, which features extra-large eight-foot-wide by two-foot-high panels that are more than four inches thick. This modular design gives our customers the benefit of being able to build a taller, heavy-duty, fence for less money.

From Our Vice President of Sales & Development

The Superior Cut Stone is going to be a game changer for the company and a great addition to our already stellar product line. Cut Stone will allow us to bid projects that need a certain level of high security. It was engineered and designed in a way that would obtain a higher than normal Ballistic rating and therefore would appeal to the power companies across the US. With infrastructure safety such a hot button these days, we are glad to have a product that will benefit our customer and protect their assets. We are looking forward to the much anticipated release of our Cut Stone and know it will be a popular choice with many customers, past and future.

From Our Vice President of Operations

SCP has been working on fine tuning the design of a production responsive molding set up, that will be as streamlined as the other wall and fence products currently on line. The Cut Stone being a much more robust system that has required a bit more R & D to be sure. It is user friendly to maximize the output from the production floor. Engineering has put together a comprehensive set of shop drawings to meet local codes and we have received permits for our first installation, which will be on a portion of the corporate office property in Euless, Texas. The installation team is excited to finally get hands on experience with the actual installation process. Although similar to our other post and panel systems, the size will require larger foundations with rebar coming through the top of the column pad which the precast column will slide over and secure in place with a high strength grout. The panels will require a simple lifting device to install rather than just man power. The end result, as with any new roll out, we expect some learning curves, but we feel this will be minimal, because of the forethought that was put in the design.

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