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From Our CEO

With the summer of 2021 behind us, we look forward to the cooler weather, as Superior Concrete Products continues to go through a steady growth period.

Our Sales force continues to strive on getting our products specified and recognized as the product of choice in our class. In June we received our Evaluation Service Report ESR number 4772 from the International Code Council. This is a historic accomplishment and adds greater credibility to our products and services, which we have been engineering, manufacturing, and installing for over 35 years nationally. This solid data, shows why we are the leader in our industry.

Each month it becomes more important that we meet our installation goals and control our costs. Being creative and more efficient while prices are rising for materials and labor is a challenge that we have been able to meet head on.

Our success is measured by how much fence we install each month and the satisfaction of our customers. I will continue working with our managers, and teams to identify areas where we need to improve so that we continue our success. This has always been a priority and part of our everyday mind set.

We appreciate the loyal customers we have been doing business with for many, many years, and we respect and honor those relationships. Great products and serving great customers that trust in our ability to meet the challenges that we face together will continue to be the building blocks of Superior.

I appreciate all the effort the employees are making toward the continual improvement of Superior Concrete Products.

From Our Vice President of Operations

Our Operational Viewpoint

SCP continually and successfully achieves a variety of accomplishments that improve the overall turnkey experience for our clients. Everyone contributes, from marketing, to sales, design, engineering, contractual administration, manufacturing and construction management for seamless installations and accounting.

Operations in a company include strategies, tasks, procedures and processes. SCP’s senior management team continually strives to improve each of these key components by looking at evolving methods that are shared with the whole team. This is how we ensure that we keep raising the bar. We make sure that each of the departments has the key personnel and tools to do so. It takes all of us.

In our constantly changing environment, there is no room for complacency. SCP is very proud of each project our teams execute, no matter how small or how large, each customer receives individual attention, from start to finish. This results in satisfied customers, that in turn gives all of us pride when reaching out for our next opportunity.

Thanks to the SCP team and thanks to our customers.

From Our Vice President of Sales

Sales Forecast & Outlook: 2022

Residential construction will temporarily decrease, but private non- residential construction is set to rebound as economic growth drives the need for new construction. Although we think residential construction will slow and translates into less home building, we also see that private non-residential construction will offset that as more people return to the cities. Delayed projects are being restarted, with a strong economy adding to incentives that put money to work!

Where President Biden’s Billions are targeted is great for our business. With $110 billion going to transport (roads and bridges) gives SCP opportunities to develop relationships with municipalities to provide highway screen and sound walls, thoroughfare fencing and retaining walls. Part of this will include funding for planning, design, demo, and reconstruction of street grids, parks and other infrastructure.

Another portion the Bill will be funding the Energy sector, specifically the electric power infrastructure, to the sum of $73 billion. This is where Superior Engineering and Superior Concrete Products have opportunities to foster our relationships of over 20 years with the power companies. Such funding will include miles of new, transmission lines to facilitate the expansion of the power grids. This means that we will continue to provide our power company partners with substation screen walls for these new transmission and distribution substations.

We expect 2022 to be a great year for private construction and Superior Concrete Products to have many opportunities to have great success. As always, we thank our customers for being a part of the SCP family and we appreciate your business.

From Our Plant Manager

With 2021 almost coming to an end, it has been a productive year so far for the Manufacturing team. We have been working hard to make sure our products are manufactured and delivered on time to all of our customers. At Superior we strive to be the very best. We are constantly working on improving our production process, while keeping it efficient and safer.

The company has invested in a new portable mixer, which enables us to produce more product volume efficiently, within a regular shift. Hence, if there is a surge in demand, we are always equipped to handle it.

With the surging increase in COVID-19 cases around the country, we at Superior always make sure the safety of our employees is our number one priority. Covid testing is done at the factory every two weeks and vaccinations are also provided for employees who are willing to take it. We continuously work on the R&D of new product designs and textures. Chisholm Stone will sponge introduced and will fly off the shelf just like the many other products we make.

Our company is growing, so we are always looking for talented people and adding to our teams, which makes SCP the best in what we do.

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