Superior Concrete Products ICC ESR Designation Explained for Precast Concrete Screening Walls

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At Superior Concrete Products, we like to say “Concrete Never Looked So Good” when referring to our attractive precast concrete screening wall solutions. However, it’s not enough to just look good in today’s construction industry. Building materials are held to high-quality standards and building codes to ensure that they are safe and will perform as expected for the long term.

With Superior Concrete Products, you can have peace of mind that our precast concrete screening walls will meet your project’s national building code requirements, as evidenced by our ESR-4772 evaluation report by the ICC International Code Council Evaluation Service LLC (ICC-ES). Currently, we are the only precast concrete screening wall company to have this designation.

The following product lines were evaluated and included in our ESR-4772 report:

  • Superior Brick (SB)
  • Superior Cobblestone (SCS)
  • Superior Ledgestone (SLS)
  • Superior Stucco (SST)
  • Superior Wood Plus (SWP)
  • Superior Board on Board (SBOB)
  • Superior Fence (SF)
  • Superior Cut Stone (SCST)

These product lines comply with the provisions of the following Building Codes:

  • 2021, 2018, and 2015 International Building Code (IBC)
  • 2021, 2018, and 2015 International Residential Code (IRC)
  • Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety Department & Safety (LADBS), see the ESR-4772 LABC & LARC Supplement.
  • 2020 Florida Building Code – Building
  • 2020 Florida Building Code – Residential
  • Properties Evaluated – Structural

The ICC-ES is an industry-leading, non-profit company that performs technical evaluations of building products, materials, and systems for code compliance. ICC-ES is the most widely accepted evaluation agency in the nation. The evaluation reports are available, free of charge online to various industry professionals: Property Owners/Developers, General Contractors, Civil & Structural Engineers, Project Managers, Building Regulators, and Manufacturers. These reports are evidence that the products meet code requirements and regulatory approval standards.

Issues with building product code compliance can cause major delays at a worksite, costing everyone involved critical time and budget. Choosing a building materials provider with documented quality standards and code compliance means your project will avoid those issues.

The full evaluation report is available now: Superior Concrete ICC-ERS-4772 Full Report

For more information on the details of our ICC-ERS-4772 rating or to speak to a Sales Consultant, please call 800-942-9255.