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When planning fencing projects, you’ll find a variety of material types and styles available on the market, but what’s the perfect medium for your job? The truth is, the best choice is usually precast concrete. Read on to learn more about the key features of precast concrete fences.

Beautiful Fencing

The key feature we love to mention first is how attractive our concrete fences are. You read that correctly; the precast concrete fences and screening walls from Superior Concrete Products are beautiful and designed with the look of the natural textures you love, like cut stone, brick, cobblestone, and wood. You can choose from any of our earth tone colors, premium colors, or match custom colors. The color you go with is integrated with the concrete itself, not sprayed or painted on the surface, which means no more painting or staining every few years like some fencing products.

Key Features of Precast Concrete Fences

Durable Designs

Don’t let the outer beauty fool you. These fences are durable and designed to last for decades.

The components used for each project can vary. Screening and sound walls include precast concrete stacked panels, posts, and caps. Split rail fences include precast posts and rails. Each stacked panel is reinforced with galvanized 9-gauge wire mesh and has textured or patterned surfaces on both sides that resemble wood, rock, stucco, and brick masonry. Posts are also reinforced with steel and have molded tracks or grooves for the panels to fit into.

Each precast concrete panel has a minimum compressive strength of 5,000 psi @ 28 days with fiberglass and galvanized steel reinforced components. All reinforcing steel conforms to ASTM – A 615, Grade 60. All ties and stirrups conform to the requirements of ASTM – A 615, Grade 40.

Another key feature of our fencing systems is that they are anchored to the ground by poured concrete piers, 5′ on-center (wall systems), and 8′ on-center (Superior-Fence, Superior Board-on-Board, and rail systems). With this configuration, it isn’t required to have a continuous foundation/footing running the length of the wall. The pier depth does vary depending on the project location’s soil conditions, wind load, planned fence height, and local building code requirements.

Quality Assurance

Another important precast concrete fencing feature is our product quality. Our concrete panels are manufactured in the U.S.A. using a National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Certified factory and staff, which means quality-controlled manufacturing. In fact, our screening wall system products have been tested and found to be compliant with the building codes listed in ICC-ES Evaluation Report 4772. This includes Superior Brick, Cobblestone, Ledgestone, Stucco, Wood Plus, Board-On-Board, Fence, and Cut Stone products.

Key Precast Concrete Fencing Features Quick Facts:

          ·       Variable heights are available from one to thirty feet

          ·       Enjoy the look of the natural textures you love

          ·       Choose from any of our select colors, or match custom colors

          ·       Get maximum privacy, security, and noise reduction.

          ·       Strong resistance to the elements; withstands the effects of wind, water, seismic
          movement, fire, insects, and animals

          ·       Cost-effective construction and installation

          ·       Engineered and manufactured to last for decades

          ·       Complete turnkey solution

     With Superior Concrete Products, your job is faster, less expensive, more attractive, and lasts longer. It is the perfect medium for your job. That’s the value that we bring to every single project. To learn more about our concrete fencing and walls, please contact our Sales or Design team today.